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Female urethra torture

The memory and the lingering pain, coupled with the lewd gratification of hanging her naked and vulnerable like this, made the crime-fighter seethe with anger. He took her rock hard tit-nub in his fingers and stretched it towards him, squeezing to hurt her. Katana was shifting uneasily, also female urethra torture studying the walls. ‘Subject shows signs of belligerence and heightened aggression,’ he said clinically. She was experiencing everything the tortured Amazon did except the actual physical damage. ‘You just be quiet, unless you feel the need to scream in pain!’ Syn spat at him in fury, kicking out even as they grabbed her long legs and hauled them down female urethra torture to other shackles near the bottom edge of the table. The tapered legs and full breasts of those chosen had been bathed in terrible agonizing light while the victims’ screams echoed across the island. Resolved, Diana tried to block out Tasha?s ever-more-frantic wails of pain from her mind, while tending to Mishka. You have only to answer some simple questions and your of this business can end immediately. ‘Slade, I think you should burn her pussy; just for good measure!’ Dinah’s head came up and her blue eyes bulged from her head as tears spilled down her face.

The awful heat rose worse than ever, in waves to fill her chest with crippling anguish. Clearly determined to test the extent of his victim’s mettle, female urethra torture the paid killer elected next to punish her left mammary not with the tip of the crop but with the thin body of it, making female urethra torture the wood slice into her bulging tit right atop her nipple, indenting the tit-peak and the breast-meat inwards. . A little something extra in the chip which myself and the Crime Doctor have been field testing on dear Power Girl. female urethra torture ‘Well, there are some spots on you considerably softer than that!’ the man said with menace in his voice. ‘I think these need to be moved,’ he said, tugging at the clips fastened to her electrically burned flesh. CRAAAAACK This time it flayed the skin from her calves, making her stiffen from the waist down and give a shrill cry of suffering.

‘But for our time together, I thought you would appreciate a more traditional approach to punishing Amazon hubris - more in line to what dear Heracles and his minions dealt out to your sister and mother.

‘You know… she won’t…’ Helena moaned. “OUUUUUUgh, that was…a good one,” she grunted to the beasts, trying to cover her feelings, pretending strength.

’ He stooped his hips, the evil shaft coming up under her crushed cleavage. She had nothing left – no protection, no defences.

The black man reached our and produced female urethra torture the voodoo fetish that he had tressed with a lock of Kori’s hair. ‘I took over as Wondergirl after Diana’s sister Donna gave up the name. Diana regarded both men coolly, taking stock of her situation. Fear clawed at her like a rancid animal. Each blow of the lash would make the whip more sensitive to its targets energy signature, female urethra torture and thereby increase the woman’s pain. female urethra torture The mercenary raping Cassandra slowed down his rutting somewhat, giving himself the time to build up strength to ram his cock as hard into her velvety fuck-tube as hard as he could as he pulled the skewers again and the woman’s screams became almost deafening. The memory and the lingering pain, coupled female urethra torture with the lewd gratification of hanging her naked female urethra torture and vulnerable like this, made the crime-fighter seethe with anger. Her body was bent back so that her belly was an upturned bowl and her firm proud globes were pushed towards the floor four feet beneath her. ‘When the holovid of you grovelling broken and pleading at our feet is shown across the Empire, then the supporters of that blasphemy who disgraces the royal line will see the true nature of the female – weak and pathetic, undeserving of respect or honor, and they will return to the true path of our people. Diana watched the new device with a sinking feeling, as quickly he began to wrap it around her opposite arm between the elbow and shoulder.

More House of Bondage female urethra torture wet dreams,’ she said ironically. . Her legs strained in knots of agony as her pussy frictioned desperately against the red-trimmed twat of her old lover. The blonds’ eyes grew wider, but not from the grip on her airway. And them, the sound of a bowstring, the wet thud of metal cleaving meat, and the arrow emerging like magic female urethra torture from his chest, dripping with his hearts blood. She yelled in pain, casting her head back and growling at the ceiling female urethra torture above of her. He could feel her erect nipples against his palm as the chained slut before him moaned and shuddered. ‘YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!’ ‘Not much longer until your female urethra torture body is destroyed, princess!` DeSaad cackled. female urethra torture ’ The Crime Doctor, meanwhile, was pulling off his latex gloves, wiping down his hands. Artemis twitched fitfully as she imagine blue clad figures standing over helpless female urethra torture Amazons writhing and screaming in agony from the shocks, half naked as they were slapped and punched into submission. female urethra torture Blood spilling female urethra torture down the cuts on her belly and dripping down between her legs, warm and sticky.

. ‘So, are you actually going to do something, or am I supposed to be bored to death? Because if thats your plan, let me tell you. Shaped in a V configuration atop the pole, both ends pointing up at the two females’ clefts were wide and thick; far thicker than the average penis. There were rods joining the plates, each ending in two large screws and framing her soft mounds in merciless metal rectangle.

’ He stuck the left cheek a terrific back hand blow, tearing the cords across the round smooth skin of one half of her backside so the whole clenched female urethra torture hard. Though she couldn’t see her body she could feel that she was clothed still naked, though she was reasonably certain her stockings had been replaced and she still had her boots female urethra torture on. It was hard to feign panic like this without giving way to the real thing.

Kori opened her eyes and looked instead at Psimon, but shook her head. Savage saw the look and smiled his sophisticated smile. ‘Do the other one!’ one of his friends urged. Her screams became louder, more shrill and desperate, as he pushed her to the limit of what even her stubborn will could withstand. . 'Seems this bitch refuses to tell us anything useful,' one of the men in the room said. II Birds of Prey As Lady Blackhawk, and as the current pilot for the Birds of Prey, Zinda was used to flying, but usually it involved a plane. Lost to reason, her sensual mouth gave female urethra torture voice to wild incoherent shrieks of animal pain before female urethra torture she finally collapsed, her brain shutting down to avoid complete madness.

He grunted, arms trembling with the strength needed to press that mighty breast - even the efficiently heightened mechanisms of the pliers were having difficulty crushing the super-taut boob-globe of the mighty heroine. ’ Karen wet her lips, shaking her hair from her eyes as she shifted her hands supporting the tons female urethra torture of metal overhead. ‘What I have in mind is quite intricate, you may be assured. It is for them that I set aside some of my valuable time to oversee this matter, so let us not keep them in female urethra torture suspense - I wouldn’t want to,’.